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Nanogirl's STEMSTARS

Transforming STEM teaching in New Zealand primary schools in partnership with Genesis School-gen


Design and deliver an education program to make positive difference to STEM education in every primary school in New Zealand.


In 2022 we delivered STEMSTARS to 181 schools across New Zealand, reaching over 13,000 Year 3-4 students.


Develop and deliver a fun educational program purpose-designed to enable teachers to bring STEM learning to life without prior STEM experience or need for special equipment.


Teachers report that STEMSTARS has increased their ability to add hands-on STEM activities to their classroom teaching. Schools who have received STEMSTARS have expressed strong interest in further engagement, including for Professional Development resources for teachers.


We work globally with partners who share our passion—creating opportunity through STEM.

If you’d like to join us on our mission, please get in touch.

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