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Regional Supply Co-ordinator

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About the Role

At Nanogirl Labs, we employ Science Communicators around the country who have a love of science and help us create amazing, memorable experiences for children across New Zealand. The role of Regional Supply Coordinator exists to support our Science Communicators to store, care for and support the management of our party kits and stock.

Before and after each Nanogirl science party, there's some work to be done to ensure that our Presenters have everything that they need, and critically, that our customers have an amazing experience. When a party is done, the gear needs to be cleaned, restocked and reset so it's in perfect order for its next use.  Prior to each party, you’ll need to re-check the equipment and ensure that the consumables etc are all set to go.


As Regional Supply Co-ordinator, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

Equipment Storage

Your storage solution could be a secure, well organised space in your garage, spare bedroom or shed at home.  It must be within an approx 15Km radius of the CBD for easy access for our presenters.

In order to fulfill this role, you must have access to a storage facility that meets the following criteria:

  • Safe—no hazards

  • Secure—must be lockable with limited access to the public

  • Dry—kits must be kept dry and you must have the ability to wash, hang and dry towels, mats etc,  between parties

  • Has running water—to enable you to clean the kits.

  • Has electricity

  • At any one time, this could include accommodating multiple party kits (a minimum of two, maximum of four kits at the time of this agreement).  We would be asking you to manage the distribution of equipment to all Party Presenters in your region.

  • Liaise with Science Communicators to arrange suitable time to collect and return equipment kits for each party.

  • Store the equipment safely and securely, while ensuring that it is accessible at reasonable notice (i.e. not in a remote location).

  • Remuneration offered: $40 per kit stored per month, with a minimum reimbursement set at 2 kits.

Party supply care and management support

This role involves approximately an hour a week per party kit, and would include (but would not be limited to) the following tasks:

  • Cleaning and restocking the birthday party equipment, making sure it’s in great condition for the next parties and performances.

  • Ensuring the quality and presentation of the equipment is well-maintained.

  • Carrying out periodic stock-takes, maintaining a stock management record and keeping HQ updated regarding stock requirements.

  • Washing, and where required, ironing, the towels, dishes, mats, lab coats, and all party equipment.

  • Restocking consumables in each kit in accordance with party theme and the number of guests for each party.

Remuneration offered: $20 per kit per party

Contribute to our team and model our values.

We are a high-performing team, with great relationships built on trust and accountability.  We look out for one another, and help one another to succeed.  You’ll bring your values and purpose—your ‘why’—to the team, and bring your best self to your work. You will

  • Engage with others in the team, sharing information and modelling commitment.

  • You’ll be available for regular online/in person meetings with our Party Manager to ensure a high standard is maintained.

  • Build positive, cohesive relationships across the team.

  • Embrace and model Nanogirl Labs’ values.

  • Be inclusive of all team members—demonstrate that you value their strengths and contribution to the team, and expect the same in kind.

About the Company

Nanogirl Labs is on a mission to change the world! We inspire, educate and empower through STEM—science, technology, engineering and maths. We are curious and passionate and through our work combine our love of science and technology with a deep love of people and a belief in their potential. One key mission that drives us is the belief that everyone, everywhere, should have access to quality STEM education, and that the future of our communities depends on that mission. To make that happen, we create surprising, delightful and impactful experiences that are both educational and entertaining.

We’re a company deeply focused on our mission, and in everything we say or do, we are:

  • Friendly – We strive to be a highlight in someone’s day

  • Generous – We look to deliver surprise and delight moments

  • Energetic – We have a lot to achieve, and an exciting mission

  • Efficient – We set good expectations and deliver on them

  • Effective – We do what we say we’ll do, and a bit more

  • Responsible – We own our mistakes and put things right

  • Grateful – We value and appreciate the time people give to help us with our mission

  • Understanding – We have empathy and are considerate

  • Inclusive – We welcome and celebrate differences.

  • Learning – We can always be better, and we find the learning opportunities in all that we do

  • Honest – We value our integrity above all else

We are a socially conscious business.  We assess and care for our impact, alongside our profitability, and actively seek ways to engage and educate those who might otherwise be left behind.

How to Apply

You can find out more about our parties, performances and engaging STEM experiences at

Send your CV to and let us know why you believe you would be a great fit for our team!

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