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Nanogirl Science Communicator

Job Type


Casual Contract

Nationwide across New Zealand

About the Role

Are you a passionate science enthusiast with a knack for captivating audiences? We are seeking talented and creative individuals to join our team as Science Communicators. 

As a Nanogirl Science Communicator, you will play a vital role in our mission to bring the love of STEM into the hearts and homes of families across New Zealand. In addition to our public engagement events, you will have the opportunity to deliver fun and impactful science-themed parties—Bubbles, Slime, and Fireworks—and engage children through after-school club activities, mall and museum shows, and other exciting events.

Whether you are currently studying science or have previously pursued a STEM subject, as a Nanogirl Science Communicator, you will have a genuine passion for science. You will also have excellent communication abilities (don't worry—we provide science communication training to enhance your communication skills). 

Working alongside one of New Zealand's most recognizable Science Communicators, Dr. Michelle Dickinson, you will have the chance to create amazing and memorable experiences for children across the country. As you grow in confidence and capabilities, you may even have the opportunity to take on various challenges, including our Science in Schools programs, Live Event Squads, or supporting the development of STEM-related projects.


Deliver unforgettable science parties and performances that amaze and inspire children:

  • Collaborate with our Live Events Team to manage your availability and coordinate work schedules.

  • Collect and deliver equipment from our designated locations.

  • Build positive relationships with our customers and provide exceptional customer service.

  • Communicate with event hosts prior to parties to confirm final details.

  • Complete feedback forms after each party to share your ideas and contribute to service improvements.

  • Learn, master, and bring your unique self to all our show scripts.

  • Hold a valid New Zealand driver's license and have reliable access to a car for transporting yourself and equipment to and from events.

Contribute to our team and model our values:

We are a high performing team, with great relationships built on teamwork, trust and accountability. We look out for one another, and help one another to succeed.  You’ll bring your values and purpose and bring your best self to your work. You’ll:

  • Engage with others in the team, building positive, cohesive relationships

  • Embrace and model Nanogirl Labs’ values.

  • Be inclusive of all team members—demonstrate that you value their strengths and contribution to the team, and expect the same in kind.

  • Help out. In our small but mighty team, we all pitch in and support each other to get the job done.

Availability and Flexibility:

As a casual employee, you’ll be committed, motivated and flexible. You’ll also be:

  • Available for a minimum of two weekends per month

  • Available weekdays for some or all of the NZ school holidays

  • Able to provide accurate availability information three months in advance to ensure smooth planning and coordination.

Key Competencies for the Role:

We look for people with special characteristics first, then skills second. We look for curious intelligence, personality, confidence, kindness, empathy, integrity, self-awareness, work ethic and tons of initiative. If that’s you, that’s a great start. Here’s what else we’re looking for.

  • Possession of a restricted or full driver's license, with easy access to a reliable vehicle for transportation.

  • Technical competence and a deep understanding of scientific processes.

  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to effectively convey messages and adapt to different audiences.

  • Mission-driven mindset, understanding the importance of contributing to a meaningful cause.

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining focus on delivering results.

  • Resilience to overcome obstacles and handle pressure with calmness and composure.

  • Kindness and the ability to work harmoniously with our team and embody our values.

  • Self-motivation and the drive to make things happen without constant supervision.

  • Superb organisational skills, ensuring a systematic approach to work and collaboration.

  • Inquisitiveness, always asking questions and fostering a sense of wonder.

  • Patience, especially when working with children, and the ability to expect the unexpected.

  • Reliability and punctuality, as we count on you to be an exceptional Ambassador for our brand.

About the Company

Nanogirl Labs is on a mission to change the world! We inspire, educate and empower through STEM—science, technology, engineering and maths. We are curious and passionate and through our work combine our love of science and technology with a deep love of people and a belief in their potential. One key mission that drives us is the belief that everyone, everywhere, should have access to quality STEM education, and that the future of our communities depends on that mission. To make that happen, we create surprising, delightful and impactful experiences that are both educational and entertaining.

We’re a company deeply focused on our mission, and in everything we say or do, we are:

  • Friendly – We strive to be a highlight in someone’s day

  • Generous – We look to deliver surprise and delight moments

  • Energetic – We have a lot to achieve, and an exciting mission

  • Efficient – We set good expectations and deliver on them

  • Effective – We do what we say we’ll do, and a bit more

  • Responsible – We own our mistakes and put things right

  • Grateful – We value and appreciate the time people give to help us with our mission

  • Understanding – We have empathy and are considerate

  • Inclusive – We welcome and celebrate differences.

  • Learning – We can always be better, and we find the learning opportunities in all that we do

  • Honest – We value our integrity above all else

We are a socially conscious business.  We assess and care for our impact, alongside our profitability, and actively seek ways to engage and educate those who might otherwise be left behind.

How to Apply

If you are excited about inspiring young minds and making a difference through science communication, we invite you to apply.

Send your CV to and let us know why you believe you would be a great fit for our team!

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