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Bula Fellow Change Nurturer!

Earlier this year our Nanogirl team headed to Fiji to work with girls living in informal settlements - squatter camps - on the outskirts of Suva.  Our team delivered an educational camp focussing on science, technology, engineering and maths skills applicable to the students' lives including water filtration, power generation, and nutrition.


We worked directly with 30 girls over the course of the camp.  We also trained a volunteer team of local teachers and academics, empowering them to continue to deliver the Nanogirl programme after our team had left.

For children living in these settlements, life is difficult.  Whole families share a metal shack the size of a typical bedroom back in New Zealand.  Running water and power are limited - often non-existent - and they face deep social challenges including high rates of domestic abuse. Many of the girls we worked with said that they are most often unable to afford to stay in school past 13 years of age.

During our time together, our team worked with the students and their families to further understand what prevented them from staying in school.  We asked them to list the main challenges.  What they wrote down were everyday school items we take for granted.  

We have resolved to visit the girls again while we're in Fiji for Nurture Change, and with your help would love to take things that the girls said they needed in order to stay in school.  The list they shared with us is below.

If you are able to help, we were hoping that you could fill a school backpack with the items below and bring the pack with you to Fiji. We will head to Suva after Nurture Change to deliver the bags to the girls ourselves.  This gift can be the difference between a child staying in school this year, or dropping out.  


Please let us know if you can help by filling your details in the form below so we can plan our transport logistics in Fiji.

Thank you so much for your support - see you in Fiji!

Michelle & Joe

Co-Founders, Nanogirl Labs

In a backpack, pack:

  • 1 x Scientific Calculator

  • 1 x Maths Set (Protractor, Set Squares, Compasses etc)

  • 1 x Ruler (30cm)

  • Pens (10 each of Blue and Red Bic Clic or similar)

  • Pencils (10 x HB pencil)

  • 1 x Eraser

  • 1 x Pencil Sharpener

  • A Set of Colouring Pencils

  • 5 x Exercise Books


Thank you!  See you in Fiji :-)

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