Bright, loud and colourful - discover the science behind the magic of fireworks!


We'll bring the wonder of fireworks to your living room (without the explosions) as we explore the different aspects of fireworks - light, colours, flight and fire, through fun and interactive science experiments.


Wow your guests with this totally unique party, where every child gets to take home their own exploding invention!

Ready for some indoor fireworks?

Where would you like your party?

What's included?

- 1 hour of interactive science entertainment with your Nanogirl Science Party Presenter, including [six?] experiments that are safe and designed for an indoor party

- All the equipment for all the experiments. We use waterproof drop cloths to contain any mess, and clean everything up at the end of the show.

- A pair of science safety glasses for the birthday child to keep

- A take-home science experiment for each child

If you'd like us to look after the goodie bags and the cake as well, we can do that too! [How do they do that? Is it added on at the cart? Is there another page to be created that outlines the optional extras?]

Allergy Alert: This show involves a boiled egg.  If any child has an egg allergy, please notify us prior to the party.


Inspire. Educate. Empower.

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